Windsurfing in Bodrum (Best Resorts, Beaches & Locations)

    Windsurfing is one of most popular water sports activities in Bodrum. The Bodrum peninsula is home to several bays and coves that are open to strong winds which allows windsurfing lovers to enjoy and experience windsurfing.

    Best Resorts & Locations

    Gumbet, Bitez, Turgutreis, Ortakent and Akyarlar resorts are the best destinations, as well as host one of the best beaches for windsurfing in Bodrum peninsula. Bitez can be considered as the best windsurfing destination among those resorts.

    Windsurfing in Bitez

    Bitez is located 5 km. from Gumbet and has a very long cove and beach. Bitez is very ideal for windsurfing. Bitez can be considered as the best resort and region for windsurfing in whole Turkey coasts.

    Windsurfing in Akyarlar

    Akyarlar is located 22 km. from central Bodrum and is ideal for windsurfing.

    Windsurfing in Turgutreis

    Turgutreis is located 18 km. from central Bodrum and is the second crowded resort after central Bodrum. The bay of Turgutreis is also very popular for windsurfing.

    Windsurfing in Gumbet

    Gumbet is located 2 km. from central Bodrum. The shallow waters, long beach and beautiful cove of Gumbet is very ideal for water sports lovers. Water-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing are the best water sports activities in Gumbet. In addition; the most popular water sports centers in Bodrum are located in Gumbet.

    Windsurfing in Ortakent

    Ortakent is located 13 km. from central Bodrum and just after Bitez. Ortakent has a long beach and there are variety of water sports available.


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