Sleep Valley (Uyku Vadisi) in Bodrum (What to Expect? How to Get?)

    The Sleep Valley (Uyku Vadisi in Turkish) is a great off the beaten track for the holidaymakers in Bodrum. It is famous for its spectacular nature, trekking & hiking opportunities, Gokceler Cave and delicious salmon fish.

    How to Get & What to Expect?

    Sleep Valley is like a nature trail located about 30 km. before you arrive Bodrum. For getting to the valley, on the Milas-Bodrum road, take the turn “Gokceler” on the left and after about 1 km. from the Gokceler village you’ll arrive the Sleep Valley (Uyku Vadisi, Degirmenderesi).

    The valley and the Gokceler Cave are the most popular sights for the tourists and nature lovers.

    There are two routes for the travelers. Also visitors may find guided walking tours, a restaurant and picnic areas. The first route and hike is for the Sleep Valley & nature and can be made via the trout farm following the stream up.

    The road here is frequently cut by the stream and hikers should cross the stream. This route may be taken during summer times and nature lovers may quite enjoy the scenery.

    The second route and hike is for Sleep Valley & Gokceler Cave and can be made via the road turning to the left into the forest after you drive/hike about 1 km. to the outside of the Gokceler village. After getting to the turn than you drive/hike for about 2 km. get to Degirmenderesi.

    There you may follow the stream trail and after a kilometer hike you’ll reach the Gokceler Cave. The entrance of the cave is wide and there is a large bat gallery to the left.

    There are also some small lakes, stalactites and stalagmites if you go through. Also there are wide range of trekking and climbing opportunities for the professionals.

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