Best Pocket WiFi for Bodrum (How to Rent? Fares)

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For the ones planning a trip or holiday to Bodrum and look for a convenient option to get a WiFi and have unlimited Internet access, than renting a pocket WiFi, also known as mobile hotspot can be the most efficient, secure and practical way to get WiFi in Bodrum and nationwide.

What is a Pocket WiFi (Mobile Hotspot)?

Pocket WiFi, also known as mobile hotspot, is a portable high-speed small device that offers reliable and unlimited internet for travelers. It is a perfect option for the ones who are heavy data/internet users and don’t need to make and receive local calls in the country they are.

Pocket WiFi enables you to make and receive voice calls worldwide, so that you won’t need to purchase a local SIM or open your phone to roaming. It also enables you to connect your laptop, phone and other devices to the internet wherever you are, using the 4G connectivity.

You are also able to share the Internet connection with up to 8-10 people at no additional charges. Great option for groups or friends. You’ll just need to stay within the 15 meters from the person carrying the device.

Features of the Device

* The Pocket WiFi device is compatible with any WiFi ready system such as Laptops, Mobile Phones, Ipads, Androids, PSPs, etc.

* You can connect the device up to 8-10 phones, laptops, tablets, laptops, etc. A very ideal option for the ones traveling by a couple, group of friends or families, even alone.

* It is very easy to use that you only need to turn on the device and connect yourself to the portable WiFi with high-speed connection and data usage.

* It allows you to avoid data roaming fees.

Rent a Pocket WiFi (Mobile WiFi Hotspot) in Bodrum

You can find several companies providing pocket WiFi solutions, and you are able to use it in many countries like Turkey, EU, or the UK. And they offer free hotel delivery or pick up at the airport service.

When you purchase the pocket WiFi device, they bring the device to the Bodrum Airport (BJV) upon your arrival or to your hotel. This is a great opportunity.

What to look for?

Daily Data/Internet Usage

Daily data usage is an important characteristic. While most of the providers in Bodrum offer unlimited internet access, but you should definitely look for it at the high-speed data envelope. In case of a limit regarding the price, you should ask for about at least 1 GB data usage per day in high speed, which would be enough for a not heavy data using traveler.

WiFi Speed

The connection speed is the second very important characteristic. The providers will surely provide you WiFi with 4G and a good coverage, as Bodrum is a major holiday destination offers the best connection and coverage services, but it is better for to check it before the purchase.

Number of Users Connecting At The Same Time

The number of users that can connect the device at the same time can vary regarding the device and price. Some regular ones can provide for up to 5 people, while many others provide up to 10 connections simultaneously. Also remember that the WiFi speed will be effected on the number of people connected to it. So if you are a group of heavy data/internet users, than you should not have more than 5-6 people at the same time.

Battery Life

The WiFi devices that are accepted as the good ones, should be to last for about at least 7 hours in use. There may be devices with longer battery life, but note that these devices will have bigger batter and can be harder to carry them on your pocket or bag. So we can say that 7 hours in use is the best compromise.

We Recommend

Bodrum: Unlimited 4G Internet with Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi with unlimited 4G internet will let you stay connected anywhere you travel in Turkey. You’ll also be able to share this high-speed and secure connection with up to 10 mobile devices at the same time.

This is an unlimited package at secure and truly 4G/LTE speed and will works everywhere in Turkey. No speed limitations at any level of data usage, and it will allow you to make online calls, watch movies, play games, share your memories, use live navigation, maps, and more.

Pickup included:

Orders are delivered to hotels 1 day before the rental starts. For out-of-hotel delivery, there must be someone to welcome the courier at the address. You can pick up your package at a hotel/address you provide in Bodrum. If you prefer airport delivery, you will be sent a delivery/return service contact number.


  • Unlimited internet from 1 to 14 days (depending on option chosen)
  • 4G/LTE pocket Wi-Fi device
  • Charger kit with AC adapter and cable
  • Prepaid self-addressed return envelope
  • 24/7 live support in English, Turkish, and Arabic
  • Shipping and return anywhere in Turkey

Price: from € 26 per group up to 10

Check out & Buy Your Pocket WiFi from RentnConnect

* Free cancellation with a FULL REFUND up to 24 hours in advance