2024 Guide to Nightlife in Bodrum (Hot Spots, Bar Street, Clubs)

Bodrum is not only famous for its historical landmarks and beautiful beaches, but also for its vibrant nightlife. The town offers a variety of options for those who want to experience the nightlife in Bodrum. Whether you prefer to dance the night away in a club, enjoy a relaxing drink at a rooftop bar, or party on a boat under the stars, Bodrum has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best places to experience the nightlife in Bodrum.

Nightlife & Clubbing Scene of Bodrum

Bodrum has a lively nightlife scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. The town is known for its luxurious beach clubs, rooftop bars, and nightclubs. The nightlife in Bodrum is not limited to one particular area, but rather spread throughout the town, from Bodrum center to Gumbet and Turgutreis. The town has a cosmopolitan vibe and attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists.

Great nightlife and entertainment activities in Bodrum take place on the mile-long Bodrum Bar Street (Cumhuriyet Street) which is swamped with the largest and most extravagant nightclubs in Bodrum.

Before you hit the clubs, take your pick of a huge range of bars which sell every type of cocktail and beer under the Turkish sun. Nightclubs in Bodrum offers intense nightlife attractions with foam, lighting, volume and dance shows, and the majority of punters don’t leave until the sun rises over the fuzzy horizon.

The Bodrum Bar Street, Bodrum Marina Yacht Club and Bodrum Tekilacilar Street located at the back of the Bodrum Castle are the main nightlife and entertainment zones in Bodrum.

Club Catamaran, M&M, Adamik Bar, Mandalin, Marina Yacht Club, Mavi Bar, Deli Bar, Moonlight, Seyfi Bar, Karpuz and Veli Bar are the popular nightclubs and bars in the central Bodrum that worth a visit.

Catamaran Disco is in a glass-bottomed boat which lights up the depths and all the sea life beneath it, while above the water it jams in as many lights, lasers and speakers into its interior as it can.

In addition, Gumbet, Bitez, Ortakent, Turgutreis, Gumusluk, Yalikavak and Turkbuku resorts also offers great entertainment and nightlife activities with their popular restaurants, beach clubs, nightclubs, discos, bars and pubs. Don’t forget that the sandy beach at Gumbet and Gumbet Bar Street is waiting to revive you before the following night’s revelry beings on your Bodrum holidays.

Top Nightlife Activities


Bodrum is known for its vibrant nightclub scene. The town has a variety of nightclubs that cater to different music genres and preferences. Some of the top nightclubs in Bodrum include:

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  • Club Catamaran: This nightclub is situated on a boat and offers a unique party experience. The boat sails around the Bodrum peninsula, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views of the town while dancing.
  • Vittoria Club: This is a popular spot for party-goers, located in the bustling Municipality Square, in the heart of Bodrum Marina. This club regularly hosts famous DJs and musicians, ensuring an unforgettable night of dancing and socializing.
  • B1-Be One Club Gümbet: This is a popular spot for those looking for a night out in the Gümbet area. The club has a large dance floor and a variety of seating options, including comfortable couches and tables perfect for groups.

Best Nightclubs in Bodrum

Beach Clubs

Bodrum is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. With a stunning coastline, it’s no wonder that Bodrum has some of the best beach clubs in Turkey.

These clubs offer a combination of sun, sea, music, and delicious food and drinks. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day in the sun or an exciting night out, there’s a beach club in Bodrum that will cater to your every need.

Best Beach Clubs in Bodrum


With so many fantastic bars in Bodrum, there’s no excuse not to experience the resort’s legendary nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a wild party or a more relaxed night out, there’s something for everyone here.

Best Bars in Bodrum

Best Areas & Hotspots

When it comes to nightlife and clubbing in Bodrum, there are several areas and hotspots that are worth exploring. Here are some of the best places to go for a night out in Bodrum:

Bodrum City Center

The city center of Bodrum is where you’ll find a wide range of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. The streets of Cumhuriyet and Adnan Menderes are particularly popular for their variety of bars and clubs, with something for every taste and budget.

Bodrum Bar Street

Bodrum Bar Street, is the center of the intense nightlife in Bodrum and has the largest and most extravagant nightclubs in Bodrum. The famous Hadigari Bar is the first bar that was opened in the Bodrum Bar Street.

Any night on Bodrum Bar Street is also a great opportunity to try out some of the local culture by ordering a Turkish Raki drink, but be warned (or pleasantly surprised) that this drink is 45% alcohol, so playing centurion with it is not advised. The entertainment and nightlife in Bodrum Bar Street goes till dawn.

Bodrum Marina Yacht Club

Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is a famous entertainment and nightlife center in central Bodrum overlooking the Bodrum port and historical Bodrum Castle.

It provides great views of the sea and Bodrum castle. Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is open for all year round and also the only facility that offers live music performances every day during the year. There are 3 restaurants and 4 bars at the Bodrum Marina Yacht Club.


Gumbet is a popular tourist destination just a few kilometers from Bodrum city center. It is known for its long sandy beach, lively nightlife, and variety of restaurants and bars.


Yalikavak is a charming fishing village that has become increasingly popular among tourists in recent years. It is known for its beautiful marina, boutique shops, and high-end restaurants.


As you can see, Bodrum has a vibrant nightlife and clubbing scene that is worth exploring. Whether you’re into partying until dawn or prefer a more laid-back evening, there is something for everyone in Bodrum. From the clubs and bars of Bodrum city center to the beach clubs of Gumbet and the upscale restaurants of Yalikavak, there are plenty of options for a memorable night out. So, get ready to dance, drink, and have a great time in Bodrum!

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