2023 Guide to Eating out in Bodrum (Where & What to Eat?)

    Eating out in Bodrum is fantastic with lots of choice. Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and seafood is no doubt the best and famous dishes in Bodrum.

    What & Where to Eat in Bodrum?

    You’ll find variety of restaurants to choose from for the visitors in the Bodrum peninsula that offer all kinds of cuisine. A romantic and peaceful meal in Bodrum can be enjoyed at the numerous Bodrum restaurants in the company of wonderful sunset and nature. Lined up cafes and restaurants at the Bodrum harbor, marina area, and the promenades of Bodrum’s famous resorts offer great dining opportunities for the visitors.

    Where to find the best food in Bodrum Peninsula?

    * Gumusluk, Turkbuku, Ortakent, Torba and Yalikavak are famous for its seafood.

    * The central Bodrum, Gumbet, Bitez and Yaliciftlik are famous for its meat dishes.

    * Golkoy is famous for its baklava and pastries.

    * Turkbuku is famous for its dessert made of green apples dipped in mint liquor.

    Ot Kavurmasi (spicy roasted herb), Bodrum style boiled pastry and stuffed pumpkin flowers are the most famous dishes specific to Bodrum.

    Popular Dishes of the Bodrum peninsula

    As for popular dishes specific to Bodrum peninsula; the traditional dishes that include; keskek, okra with olive oil, radish herb salad, mustard herb salad, roasted spicy herb (ot kavurmasi) , seaman mezes, kopoglu mezes with yogurt, stuffed pumpkin flowers, octopus stew with onions, cokertme kebab, Bodrum style boiled pastry, cokertme dish, bergamot jelly, sage oil and lokma sweet are worth a taste.

    Turkish Cuisine

    The traditional Turkish cuisine is really fantastic in Bodrum. Holidaymakers may choose from a wide range of Turkish kebabs, mezes (starters) and dishes based on meat and popular Turkish sweets such as baklava and Turkish delight at the numerous Turkish restaurants, cafes and taverns.

    Turkish breakfast

    Common ingredients in Turkish cuisine include; lamb, olive oil, chickpeas, aubergines, yogurt, cheese, rice, pastry, spinach, potatoes, bread, tomatoes, spices and herbs such as cumin, paprika, mint and thyme.

    Famous Turkish mezes include; hummus (a chickpea dip), dolma (vine leaves, peppers, pumpkin or aubergines stuffed with rice and/or meat), borek (thin layers of dough stuffed with meat, cheese and vegetables) and cacik (cucumber with yogurt, dried mint and olive oil).


    Famous main dishes of Turkish cuisine include; kuzu guvec (lamb casserole), olive oil-drizzled lamb kebabs, kofte (meatballs made from minced meat, parsley, bread-egg, onion and spices such as cumin, oregano, mint, garlic and pepper.

    Turkish kebab

    Fish is also a popular dish in Bodrum. Holidaymakers are able to find the best and fresh caught fish at the variety restaurants in and around Bodrum.

    Gumusluk is the prefect resort to taste and eat fish in Bodrum. Best fish restaurants in Bodrum peninsula are situated in Gumusluk, Turkbuku, Ortakent, Torba and Yalikavak.

    Turkish coffee and delight

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