Scuba Diving in Bodrum (2023 Prices, Diving Locations, Tips)

    Scuba diving is one of most popular water sports activities in Bodrum. Scuba diving from Bodrum is made along the great dive sites and dive spots of Bodrum coasts, beautiful bays and coves. The beautiful underwater environment and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea make Bodrum coasts a great diving destination.

    The islands and islets located on the southern coasts of Bodrum are very ideal for diving tourism. You can find various great companies to attend to scuba diving tours from Bodrum.

    What to Expect?

    You can dive along the diving points with shallow waters that offer great dives without currents, and full of fish, which is very ideal especially for first timers.

    Professional divers can enjoy the crystal clear waters and the 40 meters deep also with good visibility.

    You’ll also see stunning amphoras and antique anchors dating back to some 2000 years old.

    Anyone can learn to dive at the many facilities here in Bodrum, whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert.

    Guests are also welcome to scuba diving tours from Bodrum. You can just enjoy this tour without diving.

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    Best Diving Locations from Bodrum

    There are more than 15 excellent diving spots around the beautiful bays of Bodrum that have typical Aegean and Mediterranean flora and fauna.

    You’ll find two reefs along the coasts of Bodrum with depths ranging from 7 to 40 meters. And you’ll also find two caverns, one of them is a bubble cavern at 12 meters, and the second one is at 6 meters with air in it.

    The Big Reef, that is a large coral reef covered in orange sponges, sea urchins, star fish and other crustaceans, and surrounded by a huge host of tropical fish such as barracuda and vibrantly colored parrot fish, is the most popular one.

    The Karaada (Black Island) that is located just across Bodrum coast (4 miles, 20 mins. from the harbor) is the most popular diving location for the beginners and professionals. There are both huge and small rocky seabed which allows the diving lovers have an unforgettable diving experience. The depth ranges between 6 to 35 m.

    The southern cape of Karaada and the Poyraz Cove is very suitable for deep underwater diving.

    The Kurt Burnu Cape is also another diving location that is located 20 mins. from Bodrum harbor.

    Finally the Kargi Island, located about 1 hrs 20 mins from Bodrum harbor allows the diving lovers to experience two rocky walls ranging from 25 m. to 100 m.

    Booking Channels

    You can consider the following booking options. We can recommend Viator especially for the high summer season when it is very difficult to find a boat. You can make online reservations for the following private boats through local agencies registered with Viator. Here we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments. You can feel free to book one of the below top selling all inclusive boat trips from Bodrum.

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