Rabbit Island in Gumusluk, Bodrum (What to Expect?, How to Get?)

Rabbit Island (Tavsan adası in Turkish) is one of the popular spots on the Bodrum peninsula, located just by the coast of the Gumusluk resort with beautiful views.

What to Expect?

There is a thin strip between the land of the Rabbit Island and Gumusluk coast, with a depth of about one meter. It is possible to walk from the land to the island using this lane. It will be a nice hike for outdoor sports lovers. The panorama on top of the island is also amazing.

The ancient city Myndos has been unearthed on the Rabbit Island. And after the recent excavations on the Rabbit Island, the King’s Road, storage houses and some churches from the Christian era have been revealed. You’ll see those archaeological ruins, artifacts and monuments on the island.

It is so much fun to stroll along the rabbit island and see the rabbits. Bringing some food with you is recommended for easily seeing rabbits.

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