Insider’s Guide on 2023 Top 10 Best Pubs, Bars and Cafes in Bodrum

    Nightlife in Bodrum is very lively from the Iskele Square through the Kumbahce district and Cumhuriyet Street that housing the Bodrum Bar Street.

    The Bodrum Bar Street, Bodrum Marina Yacht Club and Bodrum Tekilacilar Street located at the back of the Bodrum Castle are the main nightlife and entertainment zones in Bodrum.

    Club Catamaran, M&M, Adamik Bar, Mandalin, Marina Yacht Club, Mavi Bar, Deli Bar, Moonlight, Seyfi Bar, Karpuz and Veli Bar are the popular nightclubs and bars in the central Bodrum that worth a visit.

    Top Best Bars, Pubs & Cafes in Bodrum for you…

    Kuba Bar – in central Bodrum

    Kuba Bar is a popular bar in central Bodrum, designed as typical Bodrum and Cuba style and serves as both restaurant and bar. You may enjoy your dinner in the company of oldies, latin, jazz and classical music at the Kuba Restaurant and later on you may enjy the lovely Bodrum nights at the Kuba Bar in the company of professional DJs and live music shows.
    Address: Tepecik dist., Neyzen Tevfik Str. No:60, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 313 44 50

    Karpuz Bar – in central Bodrum

    Karpuz Bar is located in Tekilacilar street in central Bodrum since 2013. Karpuz Bar is famous for its alternative bar concept, special shots and coctails, live music shows and lively atmosphere. Karpuz Bar is open for all year round.
    Address: Tekilacilar Str. No:13, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 549 316 33 13

    Kule Rock City Bar – in central Bodrum

    Kule Rock City Bar (Kule Bar) is a very popular rock and live music bar in Bodrum. The bar is always full wth rock music fans. Kule Bar is also considered as the best rock bar in Turkey. Variety of famous national rock groups perform here.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str. Dr. Alim Bey Bedesteni No: 55, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 555 824 88 34, 0 252 313 28 50

    Bodrum Mandalin Sound – in central Bodrum

    Bodrum Mandalin Sound is located in Bodrum Bar Street and serves as both live music club and bar in its lovely place that is recently renewed in traditional Bodrum architecure. Bodrum Madalin Sound mostly offers Blues, Funk, Jazz ve Latin music. The authentic place has two floors, double balconies, lodges and a terrace. A popular place for night time entertainment in Bodrum.
    Address: Çarşı Mah. Dr.Alim Bey cad. 1025 sokak, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 549 226 48 48

    Bodrum Marina Yacht Club – in central Bodrum

    Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is a famous entertainment and nightlife center in central Bodrum overlooking the Bodrum port and historical Bodrum Castle. It provides great views of the sea and Bodrum castle. Bodrum Marina Yacht Club is open for all year round and also the only facility that offers live music performances every day during the year. There are 3 restaurants and 4 bars at the Bodrum Marina Yacht Club.
    Address: Marina Yacht Club, Milta Bodrum Marina Neyzen Tevfik Str No:5, central Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 316 12 28

    Moonlight Cafe & Beach & Bar – in central Bodrum

    Moonlight Cafe & Bar is one of the most popular bars in Bodrum located by the seafront in central Bodrum. Moonlight has cafes, bar and beach and serves as cafe in the motnings and bar in the evenings.
    Address: Cumhuriyet Str. No:60/B, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 313 20 85

    Korfez Bar – in central Bodrum

    Korfez Bar is a lovely bar situated near the Bodrum Castle n central Bodrum. Korfez Bar offers lively Bodrum nights with live music shoes, great coctails, alternative and rock music in an authentic atmosphere.
    Address: Carsi dist. Cumhuriyet Str. No:2, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 316 59 66

    Adamik Bar – in central Bodrum

    Adamik Bar is one the oldest bars in Bodrum that has a lively and hot atmosphere and offers great live music performances for its visitors.
    Address: Carsi dist. Banka Str. No:27, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 316 27 83

    Club X Bar – Gumbet

    Club X Bar is located in the Gumbet resort of Bodrum, at the Gumbet Bar Street. Club X Bar is famous for its lively nights with shows, great cocktails, DJs and music.
    Address: Gumbet Bar Street, Gumbet, Bodrum
    Tel: +90 252 313 16 07, 0 252 313 65 72


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