Best Amusement & Theme Parks in Bodrum (Where? What’s Inside?)

For the ones who want to enjoy a fun and adventurous day out in Bodrum, visiting the theme parks is one of the best things to do in Bodrum. If it’s a fantastic and more excitement you want, then try the Bodrum’s theme parks as it is a must for both adults and the kids.

Bodrum Dolphin Park in Guvercinlik, Fun Town Yahsi Park in Ortakent and Countryranch Equestrian Sports Club in Turgutreis are the most popular amusement and theme parks on the Bodrum peninsula.

Bodrum Dolphin Park in Guvercinlik

Located in Guvercinlik bay, about 21 km. from central Bodrum, the Bodrum Dolphin Park is a fantastic dolphin park and therapy center where you can watch, meet and swim with the dolphins. Dolphing shows are amazing that you’ll watch their great performances and take photos and videos during the shows.

Covering an area 4,000 square meters on the sea surface, and with a capacity of 300 seats, you’ll have a great and fun day out along the four dolphin pools with 4 dolphins (Afalina). The park also has quality restaurants, cafes and a beach club.

Address: Guvercinlik Bodrum road 2 km. on the coast, Guvercinlik, Bodrum
Tel: +90 252 374 59 36

Fun Town Yahsi Park in Ortakent

The Fun Town Park is one of the most popular theme parks on the Bodrum Peninsula. You’ll find great attractions at the park from horse riding and children’s playgrounds to go-karts, paintball, table tennis, racing fields and sports fields.

Address: Hortme Str. No:9, Ortakent, Bodrum
Tel: +90 549 327 10 30

Countryranch Equestrian Sports Club in Turgutreis

Another activity venue in Turgutreis is the Countryranch Equestrian Sports Club. It is a nice place with a quality restaurant, horseback riding area, dog training and excursion trails and children’s playgrounds. Here you can ride horses with your kids and have fun.

No Regrets Booking Advice

Address: Akçalan Mh. Pren Str. No:30 Turgutreis, Bodrum
Tel: +90 252 400 0 567

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