2023 Top 7 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey with Surgeons Advice

    Hair transplant is one of the most popular solutions in the world for hair loss and alopecia since the last decade. Many ask about hair transplant that does it regrow and treat hair? The answer is “Yes!” Hair transplant operation has a success rate of more than 90% to hair loss, especially when it is done in the hands of good clinics, specialists and surgeons. Here we put together the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Turkey, including all the necessary information about hair loss treatments, hair transplant and restoration in Turkey as Turkey has recently become one of the most popular countries in the world for hair transplant operations.

    In addition to that, our visitors has also showed interest on medical tourism in Turkey while they are already on their holidays in Turkey, or planning one in Bodrum peninsula, Dalaman or Fethiye regions, as well as top cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. Many are asking about opportunities in hair transplant, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries, best cities and surgeons.

    You can feel free to book a consultation in one of the best hair transplant clinics to have better idea of what to expect with all the necessary details. You can whether have your holiday in Turkey and than have an excellent hair transplant and go back to your homeland.

    About Hair Loss

    If you are a male and experiencing hair loss gradually on your scalp, it is then high time to seek treatment. Male pattern baldness, a.k.a. androgenetic alopecia; simply put, is a gradual hair loss that has so many reasons why your hair may be falling out. Around the globe, millions of men are facing alopecia and now thanks to the advanced techniques there are numerous treatment methods.

    This kind of hair disease doesn’t happen suddenly in one night, but occurs gradually slowly and is a genetic disorder.  Thanks to the treatments and medications hair loss may be controlled regardless of the aging of the patient. Together with good careful planning as well as a well-equipped treatment facility, it is now possible to regrow your hair back- even stronger and healthier than before.

    How to know if you are balding? The most common way to notice balding is that the hair loss around the hairline from where it generally starts and progresses towards a wider area. Baldness doesn’t occur immediately but progresses gradually with thinning hair., then after some time, it becomes noticeable. Men experience balding in different hair shapes, some men’s hair starts falling out in M shape other men experience it starting from their crowns toward the sides.

    Most of the time, losing a few hairs up to 100 sounds normal. However, if you notice an excessive hair loss in dense strands after a shower, or combing or brushing your hair, then you need to be concerned and question why you are losing your hair in a larger amount than before.

    Before getting anxious, however, please keep in mind that this situation might be a temporary hair loss, too originated from multiple factors, as such, if you are using some medications, or if you are going through a stressful period in your life.

    What are the next steps to take? Thanks to so many manageable methods, you can retrieve your hair back by some treatments. However, still getting there, some men prefer to use hair extensions or wigs, too. Then, what are the hair treatment methods?

    Popular Hair Transplantation Techniques

    Although there are so many ways to transplant new hair, however, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, Sapphire FUE technique and Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) has been one of the most popular ones around the globe.

    Before going under such surgery you need to do your research well and find a hair specialist doctor. Hair transplant operation is one of the most useful methods for hair loss problems in men. The operation is painless, lasts a short time, and is based on removing hair follicles from the back of the hair or other areas of the body, and inserting in the areas where the balding is visible.

    Other Hair Loss Prevention Ways

    Nutrition is so important for our body to function properly. To prevent any kind of hair loss, you need to eat a well-balanced food enriched with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and more. Stay away from medications if they aren’t prescribed by your doctor.  Use milder shampoos and practice gentle washing styles. Try not to use tight ponytails, etc as it damages the hair follicles and causes breakage.

    Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Turkey has a good healthcare system and includes more than 30 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals, plus more than 1,500 plastic surgeons with board certificates and good number of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) member surgeons.

    Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

    We can say that the average cost of a FUE hair transplant in Turkey is around €1,500–2,500, and around €2,000-2,500 for DHI hair transplant. You can find cheap offers but should be careful about what you will get, so make sure you ask all the details.

    On the contrary, you can get hair transplant operation done around €7,500-10,000 in the UK, US and majority of the many European countries.

    And thats why medical tourists mostly choose Turkey for a hair transplant, as Turkey is cheap but has superb choice of  board certified plastic surgeons and world famous hair transplant clinics with high quality equipment and latest hair transplant technology.

    Medical Care Packages

    You can also find variety of superb medical care packages that the clinics offer. The packages are designed for medical tourists and covers all the logistics, accommodation and other travel costs. For example you can have your holiday in Bodrum and have your hair transplant in Istanbul and than get back home. Or just visit Istanbul for a hair transplant.

    Top 7 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

    For the one who are searching for a hair transplant and hair restoration in Turkey, whether during your Bodrum holidays or directly in Istanbul in Turkey, than you can check our insiders’ pick of the best surgeons and clinics in Turkey. We put together the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey by taking care of their service quality, patients’ comments, affordable prices, renowned surgeons, technicians, specialists, and therapists.

    You can also get free consultation from the hair transplant clinics by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

    CapilClinic in Istanbul

    CapilClinic is popular hair transplant clinic located in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul. They are an international and famous one providing high quality hair transplantation and hair restoration services with their team of experts that include hair transplant surgeon, nurses and the medical technicians having more than 10 years of experience with the patients from all the world. CapilClinic also have hair transplant in several cities in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and USA.

    The clinic performs leading-edge technology hair transplant operations at Florence Nightingale Hospital , one of the top class private hospitals in Istanbul having JCI certification.

    CapilClinic also offers Stem Cell’s Treatment and travel packages for its patients including accommodation service, airport and city transfers, and many more. Dr. Oguz Kayiran leads the hair transplant operations at CapilClinic with his talented team of professionals. He graduated from the Ankara university in medicine faculty and completed his internship in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield (UK) and finalized his training as a plastic surgeon in the field of research, plastic and aesthetic surgery. He has more than 9 years of experience as a plastic surgeon.

    | Feneryolu, Bagdat Str., 34724 Kadikoy, Istanbul,

    Hermest Hair Clinic – Istanbul

    Hermest Hair Clinic is a popular hair transplant and restoration clinic located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The clinic offers very high quality hair transplantation with its professional team. They also has been awarded  as “the best hair transplant clinic in Europe” by die Welt in the year 2018.

    Hermest Hair Clinic offers FUE hair transplantation for its patients with their unique Slit technique. They also offer DHI, Sapphire and Percutaneous hair transplantation techniques. The clinic also has above 15 years of experience and makes the hair transplant surgeries at the Private Istanbul Atasehir Florence Nightingale Hospital, a popular private hospital in the city with JCI certificate.

    | Altunizade, Nuhkuyusu Cd., No: 191/2, Uskudar, Istanbul,

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    Este Favor Hair Clinic in Istanbul

    Este Favor Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, thanks to its personalized hair transplant works and customer satisfaction oriented services. The biggest contribution to the results of hair transplantation, which can be called perfect, is undoubtedly the following: transplantation according to the direction of the hair, removal of quality hair in the donor area, dense and tight transplantation and transplanting at least 5000 grafts.

    In this clinic, which provides services at an international level, only 1 or 2 hair transplant procedures are performed per day within the scope of all required health measures. In this way, it is aimed to obtain the best hair transplant results. Este Favor Clinic, which aims for natural and intensive hair transplant results, offers a successful service with 100% customer satisfaction.

    | Ataköy 7-8-9-10. Kısım Mah. Çobançeşme E-5, Üniversite Cd. No:20, Bakırköy, İstanbul,

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    NimClinic – Istanbul

    NimClinic is also one of the most popular hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Istanbul, located at the Sisli district of the city, at the very modern part. The clinic offers high level hair transplantation services for its patients with its professional medical team, and with high service quality with A++ and JCI certificates.

    Hair transplant surgeries and treatments are leaded by Op. Dr. Arda Akgun and performed by professional team of dermatologists, technicians, and specialists. Operations are held at the A+ Private Medicana Hospital with JCI certificate, one of the best private hospitals in Istanbul.

    Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Arda Akgun is a good surgeon graduated from the Baskent University Faculty of Medicine. During his career he performed many microsurgery, reconstructive and aesthetic surgical operations. He has above 15 years of experience. He is also member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

    NimClinic also provides hair transplant packages for their foreign guests that include accommodation at the luxury hotels, all airport and city transfers services, etc.

    | Silahsor Cd. No:65, Sisli, Istanbul,

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    Beta Group Loco Medicall Medical Park Hospital

    Beta Group Loco Medicall is a high quality medical tourism provider in Turkey having experienced staff with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare, plus 15 years in the hair transplant surgeries in Istanbul. Hair transplant surgeries and hair transplant treatments are done at Private Medical Park Maltepe Hospital Hair Transplant Center, which is one of world class private hospitals in Istanbul. They offer service with its world-class advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, patient-oriented excellent hotel services, expert and academic physician staff.

    Medical Park hospital gives solutions to all health and well-being needs with its technological infrastructure and up-to-date treatment methods, with 7 operating rooms and more than 300 employees in a closed area of 20 thousand m².

    The hospital has very experienced physicians for hair transplantation and provide high quality hair transplant service with very affordable prices for its patients worldwide. Here you’ll be allocated with A-class hair transplant clinics and rooms, the latest technology and equipment, as well as get private services including accommodation at contracted hotels, airport and clinic transfers by VIP vehicles, and interpreter services.

    | VM Medical Park Maltepe Hastanesi, Maltepe, Istanbul,

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    Microfue Turkey Hair Transplant in Istanbul and Bodrum

    Microfue Turkey Hair Transplant is a trending and very professional hair transplantation and hair restoration provider giving very high level treatments for their patients worldwide.

    They offer one of the best hair transplant packages in Turkey with the most personalized experience and support possible. They have all inclusive support for the patients through every step of the way. They provide Online Consultation, Flight to Istanbul/Bodrum, Free Vip Transfer, Hotel Accommodation, Interpreter services.

    Microfue Turkey Hair Transplant provides hair transplant operations at Private Kolan International Hospital in the Sisli district of Istanbul. It is one of the high level private hospitals in Istanbul belonging to Kolan Group.

    The hospital has a quality patient-oriented approach with dedicated medical staff, healthcare personnel and modern medical technologies.

    Hair transplant operations are performed by dedicated medical team of hair transplant technicians. The hospital also has high quality and accreditation management with the certificates from International JCI Accreditation Standards, Quality in Health Standards issued by Ministry of Health and TSE ISO 9001:2008 Quality standards.

    In addition; for those who are traveling to Bodrum or any other resorts on the Aegean Turkey, they arrange the hair transplant team of Private Kolan International Hospital (both doctor and technicians available) and let you have your hair transplant in Bodrum, Izmir, Marmaris, Fethiye, at the private hospitals and clinics.
    | Istanbul: Darülaceze Cd. No:14, Okmeydani, Sisli, Istanbul
    | Bodrum: Gümbet Mah. Mister Hadi Sk. No:1, Bodrum, Mugla

    Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to reach Microfue Turkey Hair Transplant & Kolan International Hospital to get a free quote & consultation, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

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    Heva Clinic in Istanbul

    Heva Clinic is a popular and professional hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, at the Atasehir neighborhood on the Asian side. The clinic provides high quality hair transplantation services for its patients worldwide with its advanced technologies.

    Heva Clinic offers FUE Hair Transplant, DHI Hair Transplant, Afro Hair Transplant and Facial Hair Transplant operations at its innovative boutique clinic, 1-2 operations performed per day with its in-house expert medical team of professionals.

    They also offer all inclusive hair transplant packages including airport transfer, accommodation at luxury hotels, interpreter service.

    | Sifa Sok. Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey,

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    Buk Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

    Buk Hair Transplant Clinic is a trending and very modern hair transplant, restoration and cosmetic aesthetic center situated in the Sisli district of Istanbul. Also being a professional beauty clinic, the clinic provides high quality hair transplant and hair restoration procedures with its team of professionals that include contracted plastic surgeons with certificates, dermatologists, specialist physicians, estheticians and technical staff.

    Buk Hair Transplant Clinic give high quality hair restoration with their contracted quality surgeons, dermatologists, specialist physicians and technical staff. The clinic also performs hair transplant surgeries at their high level clinic in Sisli.

    Hair transplant operations are leaded by Medical Aesthetic Doctor Ahmet Kaya and with his team of experts. Dr. Ahmet Kaya (1981) graduated from the Eskisehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine. He worked at several state and private hospitals in Turkey during his career. He has above 7 years of experience and also has Mesotherapy and Ozone Therapy certificates.

    | Fulya Mah. Mevlut Pehlivan Sok. No:12, Floor:6, Sisli, Istanbul,

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    Get a Free Quote & Book Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

    If you want to get a free consultation and quote from the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey above, than please fill out the form. Upon submitting the form, the medical teams of the clinics will contact you and give all the details for your hair transplant and restoration plan with pricing and travel package information. You’ll also get 5% discount for being our valuable website visitor.

    Hair Transplant in Turkey Request Form


      The medical content on this page is only for informational. We highly recommend you consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatments. The information on this page should not be construed as medical advice or treatment recommendation, and does not substitute visiting a doctor.

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        So far my health is ok but I take blood thinner twice a week.
        Do I qualify for transplant and what method?


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